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Welcome to Camp Manitou on Lower Manitou Lake

Fishing: Lower Manitou Lake is one of Ontario's top fishing hot spots and a lake that is not well known thus receives very little fishing pressure. As a result, we have fantastic fishing for Monster Trophy Muskie, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Whitefish. Walleye can be caught occasionally in Lower Manitou Lake and their numbers are growing each year but they are still rare. For guests that want Walleye, we send them to our boat caches on private trophy fly-in lakes where they can catch more Walleye in one day than they will catch in a week at many other lodges in Ontario. Our Walleye lakes can be portaged to with some hiking or guests can choose to fly into the lakes. We do market the lakes as Fly-in Trophy Walleye Lakes. Largemouth Bass numbers are also steadily rising with guests catching some hogs. Guests who traditionally come every year are generally Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth and Lake Trout fanatics as they are the dominant species in the lake at the present time.

Lower Manitou Lake itself is a gorgeous lake. Guests have over 32,000 acres of clear and clean pristine water with tons of structure. You could not fish all 650 miles of shoreline in one week. There are lots of islands, shoals and rocky points where Smallmouth Bass are available in unbelievable numbers and sizes. Adjacent to these shallow structures are deep drop-offs where Lake Trout are found in great numbers and huge sizes. There are weedy back bays, sand bars with wild rice, patches of Muskie Cabbage and narrows where Northern Pike of all sizes can be found as well as good size Largemouth Bass. The Muskie are everywhere. It does not matter what kind of fish you fish for, the Muskie are everywhere feeding on everything and many guests catch Muskie while fishing for other species. Guests who do specifically target Muskie are in for a treat. There is World-Class Muskie in the lake. The biggest we know of was a 56.43-pound monster caught and released by Illinois angler Gene Borucki. That fish is still swimming around our lake. Our guests have reeled in 10-pound Lake Trout that look like they were almost bitten in half. This is a testimonial to the presence of Monster Muskie in our lake. Every year guests are looking to catch the biggest Muskie of their lives and they get them.

Whitetail Deer Hunting: The southern tip of Lower Lake Manitou is an hour north of Fort Frances and the US / Ontario border. We are also inside a region, which hunting magazines all of the world are calling the Whitetail Triangle. This region is not only a prime habitat for Whitetail Deer, the deer are genetically larger and ever year this region produces Whitetail Bucks that rival Milo Hansen's World Record. Whitetail Bucks in our area are large with thick muscular legs and necks and are producing racks of unbelievable size. There is no other place in North America where fare-chase hunting for wild Whitetails produces so many Trophy Bucks. We offer multiple types of hunts and accommodations to suit your budget. A week of Whitetail Deer hunting at Camp Manitou is a wilderness adventure you will never forget.

Black Bear Hunting: We have two bear management areas that are 200 square miles of prime Black Bear habitat. Big territorial males dominate our area and they chase all the young bears out. That's why you get smaller bear father north. We also bait our stands weeks ahead and scout-out the stands to see which are attracting the biggest bears.

Main Lodge: We have a lodge on Lower Manitou Lake with large and clean lakefront cabins that are fully equipped for housekeeping. We also offer American Plan as well as discount options for using your own boat. Out camp boats are really nice 17'6" Lund Outfitters with 50hp 4-stroke Honda motors.

Outpost Cabin: We have an outpost cabin on an island at the top of the channel on Lower Lake Manitou, which will comfortably sleep up to eight adults. In 2010 we purchased a large outpost cabin on Pipestone Lake. Pipestone Lake is part of the Clearwater/Pipestone Chain of lakes and is teaming with Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Lake Trout. The outpost is located at the very north end and in the most remote part of the lake so the fishing is beyond imagination.

Please take a look around our web site and have fun. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Winter Phone: 1-218-283-0990
Toll Free For Reservations: 1-800-766-0876
Email: campmanitou@hotmail.com


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